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Virtual School
MCS has devloped its e-learning portal which facilitate students to access school activities while they are at home. A place where they can access their homework & assignment. They can know more about their school, contribute more to their school.
Rewards from Virtual School:
  • Students will be able to access 'E-zine' - a place where children can upload their creative work such as letters, stories and poems.
  • Apart from reflecting School at home, Virtual school will be a boon for children and serve to promote a positive activity which will enhance self-confidence, self-reliance and responsibility.
  • It will also promote learning at the child's pace and comfort.
Benefits of Virtual School:
  • Parents too will benefit from Virtual School as they can now participate with their children on accessing school activities.
  • Learning more about their children and their friends.
  • Accessing work done at school.
  • Direct participation in e-learning activities.
  • Devloping a complete list of academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the school.
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