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Science Explorer Electronic Device (SEED)

Science Explorer Electronic Device (SEED) is a teaching learning innovative activity for classes 3rd to 5th. It is based on primary books and curriculum. It uses positive reinforcement method for feedback. It uses electronics technology along with teaching aid to first, explain a concept, then illustrate the same and finally allow students to interact and find answers for themselves. The device uses an inquiry-based teaching methodology, wherein the teacher instead of promoting rote learning, asks the students to use their own mind and come up with a solution to the problem illustrated.


The device uses multi-sensory approach to motivate and capture the attention of the students. Brightly illustrated Concept Connector Sheets (CCS) are used in the device by the teacher. The correct answer is rewarded by an audio tone and glowing LED light.

What is SEED:
  • SEED is a Visual Teaching Aid.
  • It uses ‘Play-way’ system of learning.
  • Sheets covers curriculum of primary classes for classes 3rd, 4th and 5th.
  • Subjects covered are EVS (Science).
  • It uses positive enforcement only.
  • The activities are based upon and match the MCD curriculum and text books.
Unlock the potential of your children with SEED :
Teachers :
  • Can create more interest in Classes.
  • Encourage students to Interact.
  • Perform activities over & over again to reinforce
  • SEED will help facilitate teaching at MCD schools and reward Teachers and Students with better
  • Teaching and Learning.
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