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Explore the universe, probe the secrets of the human body. Words spoken in the classroom will no more be theoretical mysteries, but will be illustrated with high quality proprietary software “DiscoveryClass.com” by the same teacher. The focus of DiscoveryClass.com is on learning and not teaching.  DiscoveryClass.com is a software solution for CAT (Computer Aided Teaching). It consists of several educational modules for science & social studies for various classes. Developed as per CBSE/ NCERT curriculum the video lessons are full of animations, sound and clear voice- over making learning and teaching a happy and rewarding experience for both teachers & students.


Hitech classrooms : Here a 29” TV brings to life subjects like Science and Social studies right in the classroom accessible by the subject teacher at all times. Taught subject matter is now supplemented by high quality video and animation.

Advantages of Discoveryclass
  • Focus on "Learning" and not "Teaching"
  • Make teaching & learning a happy and rewarding experience.
  • Collection of Video lessons full of animation, graphics and clear voice-over.
  • Teacher can save time and show illustrations rather than drawing the same.
  • User friendly, impressive environment and cater to all type of student whether slow learner or intelligent.
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