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1  MOD Debate
                                        6 May, 2014.

                       MOD Debate, the annual Debating
                       Competition of Modern School, Vasant
                       Vihar witnessed a convention of minds
                       that possessed only the highest levels of
                       debating skill. Preliminary rounds saw
                       a somewhat relaxed atmosphere as the
                       students prepped with adequate time but
                       as the clock got ticking and eliminations
                       began, the pressure was on. The degree
                       of difficulty and style of debating be-
                       came grueling, but the veteran debaters
                       seemed to be at ease as they glided their
                       way through even the most extemporane-
                       ous and challenging rounds. Oratory skills,
                       conviction and presence of mind all came
                       into play as the event progressed.

                       The Air Force Bal Bharati School emerged
                       victorious in this war of the spoken word
                       and won the overall trophy.
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