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Prize Distribution                                                                                     0

                 16 July, 2014.

     Students were awarded for excellence in academics and co-curricular activities on the Annu-
     al Prize Distribution Day of the school. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Neurosurgeon, Apollo Group of
     Hospitals, was the Chief Guest and gave away the prizes. In his address, Dr. Rajendra Prasad
     spoke about the need of efficient and effective time management in a student’s life. He lauded
     the efforts of the students and congratulated them on their success. Ms. Meenakshi Sahni, Prin-
     cipal, also spoke to the students about the importance of concentrated work ethic and tenac-
     ity. She said that all students have the potential to walk up the steps of the stage and receive
     accolades, if they set their minds to it.
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