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Like the aroma of a strong coffee that urges us out of bed on a cold
      Monday morning, the blossoming of the e-Parag reminds us that it’s
     time to pause and smell the fragrant roses.

Do we often not forget to do that in the humdrum and the big and small
joys and sorrows that make up our life?!

My heartiest congratulations to the team headed by Raghav Chhabra,
Grade XI, under the mentorship of Ms. Sabina Pandit, who burnt the
midnight oil to archive our journey since December last.

Conservation of the environment has been one of the main thrust for our
activities in the recent past and we shall continue to build upon it.
The fact that we are electronic only reinforces that we are Modern not just
in name but also in spirit.

My profound gratitude to each and every member of Modern School
fraternity for enabling, empowering and supporting me as we work
together towards the realization of our Founder Lala Raghubir Singh’s

                                                          Ms. Meenakshi Sahni
                                              Principal, Modern School, Vasant Vihar
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